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The SubTilia Vineyard

An uncut diamond of Polish winemaking and agritourism.

Welcome to Gniewoszyce

The Subtilia Vineyard is a young vineyard founded in Gniewoszyce, a tiny village located on the Mużaków Arch, twelve kilometers from the borders of Brandenburg and Saxony.

Only two drivable roads lead to the village: a stone-paved road from Niwica and a gravel road through the forest from the side of Trzebiel. Both roads separate the village about four kilometers away from the asphalt roads in each direction.

It is precisely under these conditions that one of the most unique wines in Poland is being created.

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The Charm of the Vineyard

For the guests’ convenience, there is an atmospheric house called “Rancho” available, which is equipped with a fully functional and furnished kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet, a fireplace, satellite television, and a radio.